How to use the tool

It starts with the need of having a custom operating unit (OU) other than what is available out of box in AX 2012. For example, a customer needs to model all of its branches in different regional locations through the org model. In order to have Branch being modeled, it must exist as a new OU type. With this tool, a user can easily create Branch as custom OU, use it in the org model and as a financial dimension, in the account structure and ultimately in the transactions.

  • Open AX 2012 workspace and navigate to Organization administration>Setup>Organization>
  • Click Operating unit management to open the form and create a new record
  •  Press Ctrl + S to save the record or save the record using the Save option from File menu.
  • At this point, the system will create different AOT objects required for the custom operating unit. This includes a view, display menu item and an element in the OMOperatingUnitType enum.
  • You have now the required AOT objects created in the system and an operating unit type “Branch” is also created. You can verify it using the standard operating units form from Organization administration>Setup>Organization>Operating units
  • Once the operating unit type is created, you can go ahead and enter some values for this operating unit using the operating unit values button given on action pane strip. Please note that the “Use this operating unit as financial dimension” check box is now enabled. If you check it without entering a single operating unit value, a warning message will be given.
  • After you have entered the operating unit values, the system will allow you to use the operating unit you just created as a financial dimension with financial dimension values be the same as operating unit values.
  • You can also delete the operating unit type by using the standard delete functionality on the form. But system will not delete the operating unit type if operating unit values exist or if the operating unit is used as financial dimension.

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